Saturday, December 8, 2007

No Birth Data - Can I Cope?

My squeeze doesn't have an accurate time of birth. You might say, so what? But you see, I have been an avid, passionate, dedicated follower of Astrology for over a decade. In fact, my mother gave me an Astrology chart reading for my 14th Birthday. At the time what I really wanted was the latest Sportsgirl bubble skirt, but my mother believed in the power of education. And to her, this was a very important learning experience for me. As is often the case, she was right (but that bubble skirt could have have had the last laugh right now)!

So, along we went to this little arcade in Sydney. No crystals, no incense, just a small poky little office without enough air. Inside a regular looking man in his 50s told me endless things about my gifts and talents, my friendships and suitable careers for me. If I search back in the annals of my mind I remember just a few snippets. "You could be a Reflexologist.... or even an Astrologer" he said as he consulted a list on the wall. In my 4 planets in Virgo mind I reflected that if he thought I would make a living touching people's feet, he was crazy! As for Astrology, I assumed he said that to everyone. You know, normalise his crazy job to the rest of 'us'. I liked hearing I was going to be very popular all my life but at that time, I wanted to be a journalist and his options for my career sounded bizarre! But just in case that was my fate, I decided to start reading Mum's Astrology books.

Well, I was absolutely delighted when Linda Goodman wrote that Virgos were neat, tidy, fussy, critical and enjoyed reading books and bush walking. Terror struck me. I secretly wished I could burn every copy of that damn book in case someone read it and discovered that was me! Did I care that Virgos were kind, service oriented and good spellers - I needed friends! Puberty was in full swing and what I dreamed of was ... to become a Sagittarian. They sounded so much better. One of my best friends was a Sag and she was good at everything, and was confident and funny to boot. They were supposedly the life and soul of the party - optimistic, funny, gregarious and adventurous. Hello, hands up who wants to be a Virgo?

So, my foundation years in Astrology were spent in terror and denial of my Virgoness. By age 20 however, some unexpected spark awakened in me and all things astrological and mystical tugged at my soul. I finished University and my first job was in an alternative book store where I devoured everything but Astrology. I knew my Moon and Ascendant sign, but I was more interested in angels and Tarot cards. Several years later, after travelling the world and completing my second Tarot course I was told of a woman who taught Astrology at a natural therapies college. Well, after that first class, I was hooked.

So, getting back to my original point, after a decade or so of Astrology study what do I do? I manage to attract a partner who does not have accurate birth data! Matters are made worse by the fact that his mother is out of contact and his birth records have disappeared from the hospital where he was born.

Is this a test sent to me from the Gods or the stars? Can I figure out his birth time with my acute astrological knowledge? My Mercury in Virgo thought so, but it is a bit like trying to figure out how to decipher the Rubik's cube. Maybe not that complex, but it is tedious and tenuous at best.

What does this all mean? Firstly, after much resistance, I believe I am not meant to have that information, just yet. Although I can ascertain quite a bit about his nature by the planets and signs I know, I am not privy to the areas of life the planets traverse and the precision with which they shape his destiny. Specific, accurate predictions are out! My Mercury in Virgo needs to relax and take a long holiday where my squeeze is concerned.

As he said to me when I discovered I didn't have this powerful tool at my disposal.. "Oh, well, get over it and get to know me without all that stuff!"

When you measure and watch your world with minute to minute planetary movements, sometimes you forget to live it. Point taken! Perhaps I need to just let go and let life unfold...